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Whatever your background might be, a trip to some of the top Mexican vacation spots should be on every traveler’s list of captivating journeys.

A visit to Mexico has appeal for many reasons. The weather is warm, the resorts are 1st rate and the historical sites and natural wonders are pleasure to experience. You don’t need to be in the spring break crowd to be enchanted with Mexican vacation spots. You just need a curious streak, an appreciation for different cultures and, for capturing vacation memories, knowing how to use a camera.

Mexico is second only the United States as a North American tourist attraction. And that should not come as a surprise when you consider the mild weather, beach resorts, scenic rail trips, historical cities, nature reserves and comfortable accomodations in every price range.

Check Out These 9 Mexican Vacation Spots

Take Tulum, for instance. Relatively unnoticed for years, it has now become one of the most popular sites on Mexico’s east coast. Tulum is the location of the relatively unspoiled ruins of a once proud Mayan city and has the added advantage of not being as crowded as some of the better-known resort sites. It also has spectacular views of the Carribean as well as numerous artisan markets and fine restaurants.

If you’re not necessarily looking for the best resorts on your list of favorite Mexican vacation spots, you might want to pay a visit to Barranca del Cobre or Copper Canyon in inglais. This natural wonder is in fact deeper and larger than the Grand Canyon and is part of the Sierra Madre Occidental chain which includes several of these ancient formations. The walls of the canyon are copper-green color and can be breath-taking to behold.

The island of Cozumel is one of Mexico’s most populated islands and the most popular for visiting tourists. Scuba diving and snorkeling and observing its spectacular underwater life among its coral reefs is a main reason, but there are many Mayan archaeological sites of special interest. The El Caracol temple is of special interest as it is thought to have served as a lighthouse for the island’s early inhabitants. For sun lovers, Playa Santa Rosa Playa San Juan and Playa San Francisco are popular and sure to please.

San Blas, Mexico, might not be quite as familar as the other Mexican vacation spots mentioned here, but it is certainly has a variety of attractions for the attentive tourist. Located just north of Puerta Vallatra on the Pacific Coast, this small port was once the location of a notorious prison colony. Along with some fascinating history tours among the ruins of this port city you can find some fun in the sun and recreation at Playa de Matanchen or the secluded Playa Hermosa. Of particular interest is the nearby La Tovara National Park where you can take a boat journey where you can observe over 200 species of migratory birds, turtles, crocodiles and even a few floating homes occupied by local residents.

Real de Catorce

No list of Mexican tourists sites would be complete without including Real de Catorce. If you are a curious about what constitutes a ghost town this abandoned village, 9,000 feet up and at the end of a 17-mile cobblestone road, will illuminate the mystery for you. Located at the edge of cactus-covered silver mines, many of the town’s original, though abandoned, buildings remain. Luckily for the adventurous tourist, hotels and restaurants are thriving further down the road.

Not far from Real de Catorce you can visit the Wirikuta desert, a sacred area in close vicinity, where a tribe of indigenous people makes a pilgrimage each year. The natives believe that is was in Wirikuta that the world was created and the site, along with the help of some peyote cactus, is believed to be a healing environment.

A few hours drive north of Mexico City you’ll find one of the most unusual Mexican vacation spots for an stimulating day trip. Located in the village of Xilitla you can feast your eyes on the a collection of sculptures and surrealistic structures created by the American artist, Edward James. These works of art cover over 80 acres known as Las Pozas and were created from the late 40s to 1984. The collection includes numerous smaller works as well as some up to four stories tall and the environment is enhanced with natural pools and waterfalls.

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

One relatively neglected Mexican vacation spot is Mérida, the captial of the Yucatan. It may be not as well-known as Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta, but its history goes back to 1524 and museums, charming cathederals and historic sites are in abundance. Of special interest is Uxmal, a prime example of Maya culture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enhance your visit with the added pleasures of a truly peaceful environment, quiet streets, first-class restaurants, shops and food markets.

Last, but not least, and with a more contemporary tone is Xcaret Park. It’s located on the Carribean coastline an hour south of Cancun and is privately developed ecotourist attraction that encompasses an original Maya civilization archaeological site. The park offers almost something for everyone, with swimming, snorkeling, a coral reef aquariam, Mexican cemetary, bird pavilian, wild animal shelters and numerous performances that highlight Mexican history and traditions. There’s something here for everyone and could be the sin qua non of every family vacation to Mexico.

These are just a few possibilities among the numerous Mexican vacation spots the focused traveler can consider. Indeed, it is personal preference and curiosity as much as anything else that will determine your particular travel plans. Mexico is a modern state and has something for everyone. And its various attractions draw visitors from around the world.

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