If you collect, or have an interest in Mexican folk art, don’t ignore America’s favorite online marketplace. Mexican folk art on Amazon can be a pleasant surprise. And often an economical one as well.

You can start by picking up a copy of Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art and Arts and Crafts of Mexico. These works are considered seminal texts in the field and can go a long way in increasing your appreciation and understanding.

To truly understand folk art one should appreciate the fact that it often encapsulates, in various forms, the history of its country of origin. Each work of art usually portrays a slice of native culture from the past as well as historical events that have shaped the society into what has become in modern times.

In the case of Mexico, one cannot ignore the Spanish conquest and its influences on Mexican culture. The two civilization are interwined and each work of art tells the story in its unique and captivating way.

For further reading on these matters you might appreciate Conquistador Voices: The Spanish Conquest of thepl Americas as Recounted Largely by the Participants and Mesoamerican History: A Captivating Guide to Four Ancient Civilizations that Existed in Mexico – The Olmec, Zapotec, Maya and Aztec Civilization.

New collectors, in particular, will want to be sure of authenticity. Wooden sculptures, for instance, are sure to be genuine if they are fashioned from the copal tree found in the Oaxan valley. Signed pieces are a good indicator of legitimacy and you can usually put trust in the label ‘ labeled Hecho en Mexico’ as a verification.

Still, some might be skeptical of buying Mexcian folk art on Amazon. After all, many can purchase from the original artists and artisans and there is always the option of a shopping tour in Mexico itself.

But trips to Mexico are not always practical and most will not find a Mexican artist in their neighborhood. But most importantly, if you are skeptical about buying Mexican folk art on Amazon, many of the works you will find on the platform are not knock-offs, but come directly from the artists themselves.

Some Highly Regarded Sellers of Mexican Folk Art on Amazon

For instance, Amazon offers some absolutely stunning clay figures that were created by Huichol artists in Mexico. The Huichol people are Native Mexicans and are known all over the world for their colorful and imaginative works of art which typically involve the use of beads. Each figure its unique.

Also of note are the 100% artisan handcrafted pieces by Mexican Expression from cities and towns all over Mexico. They have works in ceramic, tin and glass as well as talevera tile, zamak and amate bark among other materials. These charming works of art include mirrors, bowls, wall hangings, milagros (folk charms), murals and paintings and more. Each item is unique: handmande and hand painted.

Alkimia is another provider of original Mexican folk art on Amazon. Their items include handcrafted animal wood carving sculptures made from a single piece of copal wood and are and meticulously hand painted in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. These sculptures are signed on the bottom by well known Oaxacan alebrije artists, Margarita and Gabriela Sosa.

You’ll also find some attractive items from Esmalte 73. Their inventory includes alebrijes, Frida Kahlo apron serapes, handmade woven necklaces and bracelets, Otomi bags and even bobbleheads. Inexpensive gifts and something for everyone.

Lastly, and somewhat of theme, are the prints by Jason Smith. While not precisely in the folk art category these evocative renderings are highly rated and quite affordable considering the quality of the work. They are archival art prints of his original mixed media paintings, which he created in his Arizona studio. His works seeks to capture the beauty of the desert and the many amazing creatures and plants that inhabit it.

Skeptical or not, buying Mexican folk art on Amazon should not be discounted or, rather, ‘discounted’ is a factor to consider for any smart shopper. Give these products a look and decide for yourself.

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